Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Evaluation

The pros and cons of love early on in our lives

So im sure almost everyone is or has been in love, but I'm going to do a personal weight out of the pros and cons

SEX! inevitable sex is bomb! To always have that safe partner (so you believe) to count on it keeps one in a certain comfort zone. We know we dont feel comfortable sleeping around with someone were not comfortable with.
For starters with sex if you've been with someone more than... I'll say  three times your feel safer and they begin to know exactly what you like and what feels good.

Sex is a great outlet for men and women alike. No matter what argument or drama a couple is going through Sex is a great way to escape.

The good times of a relationship can always pull you through the bad.

The COMPLETION, feeling as though you have found your other half, the person that completes you, the feeling of knowing you always have that shoulder to cry on & that ear that will listen to you. 
Growing with each other. Nothing can compare to being at a state and looking back at each others past and realizing how much you've grown together as one.
Trust can be the best or the worst when you do have trust it's the best feeling to know you can always relay on a this certain person. someone you can believe no matter what, and not have any second thoughts to their word.

COMPANIONSHIP, always something we need I mean come on our species are very social beings, we always need someone to be there for us to support us to comfort us. But that leads me to my CONS.


CONTROL, when your spouse controls your actions, just the aspect of another controlling your life is completely depressing.

When your world revolves around your spouse and the rest of your life is put on hold. You begin to lose contact with close friends, and lose contact of your expectations in life. It is never healthy to put another before yourself. 

SEX no matter how great can also be a con. When one begins to rely on sex it can pose a problem to your relationship by taking over what the core of the relationship is supposed to be. It no longer is about the actual relationship but more so the sex drive. We feel as though there needs to be a healthy balance between "Mind and Sex".

Losing sight of your own dreams. With partners early on in your life they can affect what you think and what you do, when really as young adults we need to focus on us. This is our time to make our selves something and establish our selves as individuals.
To say it simply: WE NEED TO FOCUS ON OURSELVES!! 

Trust, like we went over with pros Trust can also be a con. When a spouse breaks the trust in a relationship that can either make or break. make you if the relationship pulls through but break you if either spouse cannot forget and forgive. to dwell on the past is never healthy. As young adults we need to continually look to our futures.

Technology:   Technology is a category by itself. Relationships circle around Technology:
  • "Sexting"
  • Facebook
  • AIM
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • even...Blogs

      Drama will always circulate from different technology. Now I know you've all facebook or myspace stalked (it's just unhealthy). No other way to say it. Myspace and Facebook fights are just stupid. For those of you who get caught up in it just stop. It is not worth your while to stress over a profile or someone elses profile. There is always those girls and those boys online who are desperate or will stoop to that level and add you to fight. Who needs that?! 
      Texting or as some like to call it "Sexting" can lead to unwanted exposure in a relationship or can help supply a healthy sexual appetite, it can go both ways.            
      Technology is meant to help us with daily tasks such as looking up things on Google or Wikipeding new info. Now don't get me wrong facebook and myspace are great ways to keep in contact and reestablish old aquaintances but definitley not the place to dwell and confront relationships.

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  1. It's crazy because I just wrote a paper and presented a speech on love this week for my final in class. Extremely popular topic in everyone's lives. Awesome list of pros and cons! Def know who's ideas these are :)

    -Love you ladies!