Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fashionista, the Expertista, && the Artista

Our goal as one is to focus on relevant topics that we all can relate to in our state of lives. We all throw imput into each blog but we do specialize on certain subjects.

The Artista: Victoria is a well known artist who has just graduated Cal as an Art major. She is getting ready to continue her art extravaganza in southern California at Pasadena Art Center she focuses on comparing art and fashion. She is very well known for her screen prints, and her urban acrylic paintings. She contributes to our blog with a colorful and artistic point of view. Victoria plans for the future to start her own clothing line that incorporates art and fashion couture.

The Expertista: Michelle focuses on relationships, and is good at incorporating the truth in our daily lives. She to enjoys fashion and art, she is recognized for her excellent writing skills and realist point of view. To put it plainly she plays the role of the editor and head of brainstorming for our blogs ideas. Michelle looks to her future with endless possibilities in business, cosmetology, and in photography.

The Fashionista: Theresa Marie specializes and finds great interest in fashion and the up and coming. She also has passion from past era's and enjoys comparing today's trends with yesterdays. {Fashion is her Passion} Theresa plans to attend the Aveda Institute in Sf during the fall semester for her cosmetology license and FIDM for her degree in design.

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