Sunday, May 30, 2010

Defining Love and Being In Love(There is a difference)

Love, what a global word everyone knows what love is. Even a 2 year old can define love it may not be the same love as  a 20 year old but love is love through and through. I'm going to attempt and define the difference between love and being in love. There is no right and wrong answer just my private interpretation.

Love what a wonderful thing a self medicated drug, Love can pick a person up form the lowest of the low and take them to the highest point in there lives. But the dark side of love  can illuminate itself and pull you right back down, a broken heart is never easy to mend. I don't know if everyone has experienced being in love, but what I can say it's one of the many wonders of our society today and has been from the beginning of time. Through out history we have had our share of love stories "Romeo & Juliet" Cleopatra & Marc Antony, Christian & Isolde. Love brings two people together and connects them some how despite their flaws and despite anyone else. True love does not include anyone but the two love birds. What makes people fall in love i cannot say its different for everyone. But I'm not here to discuss how we fall in love but merely the difference between having  Love and Being in love..

Being in Love and having Love for another can be misinterpreted, couples can stay together with false pretenses confusing Love for one another and being in Love with one another. I to have fallen victim to this and cannot say I have completely pulled through but I do acknowledge the difference. Love is meant to make both people happy, an all time high, something that never gets old. Of course we all fight in relationships, I would be scared for you if you didn't, but love is when you can get past it and move for the future, when you can shake small things off and forgive your spouse. Being in love is always brand new no matter how long you have been in this relationship. Love is an excitement, butterflies in your stomach. As I've spoken about in my Pros & Cons of relationships Love does and will always become a comfort zone. Who wouldn't want to stay with a person they've been with for so long, that person knows every thing they like, certain habits they've come to accept, and it's always great to have a sex partner to feel comfortable with. But don't confuse the comfort for being in love, Love in some couples does die and that doesn't mean you cant have love for that person but if its not meant to be, it's just not meant to be, holding on to a dead relationship can only affect you negatively.

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